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As I understand it,  non-linear thinkers are creative people who struggle to master a complex and disordered mind. Often diagnosed as having ADHD while they are children, they have the potential to harness a mind that approaches problems in a way that is non-intuitive to many. In a wonderful display of irony, intuition is one of the strongest tools for the non-linear thinker.

I am fascinated with how societies work, what motivates people, history, natural history. I have 6 kids, and parenting is a big part of my life. Several of my kids are “special needs”, with autism, downs syndrome and FASD making appearances. My wife and I have been foster parents for years.

I’m from a small Alaskan town, raised between two (three?) cultures I have a perspective that I believe is fairly unique.  My family is strongly “blue collar”, my dad has a deep love of learning tempered by critical thought. He has been my mentor in all things, and I owe much to him. His gifts, my background, and my goofy mind leave me with a need to express myself.

I am not enlightened, nor am I  an expert or an authority.  I seek to maintain a beginner’s mind, and I welcome you Dear Reader. Perhaps I can offer is a slightly different perspective, and to me, perspective is everything.  You are welcome to read my humble writings, to comment, and perhaps engage in honest debate…to share your perspective.


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